Save Health is a company founded in 2018 with main goal of providing innovative and science latest knowledge in the treatment and prevention of health disorders.


In order to prevent and treat diseases as well as to improve the quality of life of the patients we are dedicated to finding and providing the latest achievements from the world of pharmacy and medicine to the Serbian market.

The basis of our activities is continuous medical education, information of medical stuff as well as placement of balanced and accurate information to the general public.

The goal and mission is to raise awareness and draw attention to the fact that there are top quality, safe solutions for the preservation and improvement of the human health in general.



Placing products that safely and efficiently meet the health needs of the population.


Along with the high standards of safety, we provide the user with the latest achievements in the world of medicine, with a special emphasis on product quality.


Medical stuff are our basic interlocutors whom we present our products. We also invest significant resources through training and support as a socially responsible company.

Sustainable development

Balanced access to business in accordance with legal and ethical rules contributing protection of our environment and keeping natural heritage for future generations.

Continuous growth

We are constantly looking for new sources of innovation and quickly adjusting them to the offer market in accordance with the health needs of users. With our active participation in growth and development, our market is approaching the most developed markets in the world.